Jan 31, 2016


The Times (London)

Lucy Barrington finds the Muslim Faith is winning Western admirers despite hostile media coverage.
Unprecedented numbers of British people, nearly all of them women, are converting to Islam at a time of deep divisions within the Anglican and Catholic churches.

The rate of conversions has prompted predictions that Islam will rapidly become an important religious force in this country. [1] "Within the next 20 years the number of British converts will equal or overtake the immigrant Muslim community that brought the faith here", says Rose Kendrick, a religious education teacher at a Hull comprehensive and the author of a textbook guide to the Koran. She says: "Islam is as much a world faith as is Roman Catholicism. No one nationality claims it as its own". Islam is also spreading fast on the continent and in America.

The surge in conversions to Islam has taken place despite the negative image of the faith in the Western press. Indeed, the pace of conversions has accelerated since publicity over the Salman Rushdie affair, the Gulf War [2] and the plight of the Muslims in Bosnia. It is even more ironic that most British converts should be women, given the widespread view in the west that Islam treats women poorly. In the United States, women converts outnumber men by four to one, and in Britain make up the bulk of the estimated 10, 000 to 20, 000 converts, forming part of a Muslim community of 1 to 1.5 million. Many of Britain's "New Muslims" are from middle-class backgrounds. They include Matthew Wilkinson, a former head boy of Eton who went on to Cambridge, and a son and daughter of Lord Justice Scott, the judge heading the arms-to-Iraq inquiry.

A small-scale survey by the Islamic Foundation in Leicester suggests that most converts are aged 30 to 50. Younger Muslims point to many conversions among students and highlight the intellectual thrust of Islam. "Muhammad" said, "The light of Islam will rise in the West" and I think that is what is happening in our day" says Aliya Haeri, an American-born psychologist who converted 15 years ago. She is a consultant to the Zahra Trust, a charity publishing spiritual literature and is one of Britain's prominent Islamic speakers. She adds: "Western converts are coming to Islam with fresh eyes, without all the habits of the East, avoiding much of what is culturally wrong. The purest tradition is finding itself strongest in the West."

Some say the conversions are prompted by the rise of comparative religious education. The British media, offering what Muslims describe as a relentless bad press on all things Islamic, is also said to have helped. Westerners despairing of their own society - rising in crime, family breakdown, drugs and alcoholism [4] - have come to admire the discipline and security of Islam. Many converts are former Christians disillusioned by the uncertainty of the church and unhappy with the concept of the Trinity and deification of Jesus.

Quest of the Convert - Why Change?

Other converts describe a search for a religious identity. Many had previously been practicing Christians but found intellectual satisfaction in Islam. "I was a theology student and it was the academic argument that led to my conversion." Rose Kendrick, a religious education teacher and author, said she objected to the concept of the original sin: "Under Islam, the sins of the fathers aren't visited on the sons. The idea that God is not always forgiving is blasphemous to Muslims.

Maimuna, 39, was raised as a High Anglican and confirmed at 15 at the peak of her religious devotion. "I was entranced by the ritual of the High Church and thought about taking the veil." Her crisis came when a prayer was not answered. She slammed the door on visiting vicars but traveled to convents for discussions with nuns. "My belief came back stronger, but not for the Church, the institution or the dogma." She researched every Christian denomination, plus Judaism, Buddhism and Krishna Consciousness, before turning to Islam.
Many converts from Christianity reject the ecclesiastical hierarchy emphasizing Muslims' direct relationship with God. They sense a lack of leadership in the Church of England and are suspicious of its apparent flexibility. "Muslims don't keep shifting their goal-posts," says Huda Khattab, 28, author of The Muslim Woman's Handbook, published this year by Ta-Ha. She converted ten years ago while studying Arabic at university. "Christianity changes, like the way some have said pre-marital sex is okay if it’s with the person you're going to marry. It seems so wishy-washy. Islam was constant about sex, about praying five times a day. The prayer makes you conscious of God all the time. You're continually touching base.


1 ) This is one of the reasons why there is an onslaught of bad press against Islam and the Muslims. Whoever considers Islam carefully with its principle belief Tawheed (the Uniqueness of Allah, His and His sole right to subservience, worship and legislation) , the sum total of its injunctions, formulated by Allah (which are harmonic and define the true nature, position, rights and responsibilities of both sexes), and its justice in every sphere of life (social, economical and political) for all categories of people - wives, husbands, children, orphans, women, the poor and indigent, the poverty-stricken - will realize why it poses a threat to the leading elite of the western civilizations ( i.e. those who benefit most from the unfair and unjust forms by which the people are governed). It is in the hands of such people that the control of people’s beliefs and ideas lie (via television, Magazines, Films, Education) and naturally this advantage is used to maintain the existing status quo. Muslims are not governed by and enslaved the false beliefs and ideas of humans; they are enslaved to and governed by Allah alone. This is the essence of Islam - Which enslavement is to none but to Allah alone and everything besides Him is undeserving of worship and subservience.

2 ) It is now an established fact that around 5,000 of the US Troops who were stationed in Saudi Arabia became Muslims during and shortly after the Gulf War.

3 ) Much of the alleged oppression of women is due to localized culture which is based on a superstition that is more akin to Hinduism. It is, however, portrayed as being Islamic in origin which in turn seriously affects the 'independence of thought' of those who do not bother to pursue the matter in an objective manner - which includes most people.

4 ) One of the biggest industries in the West is that of entertainment and amusement. This is essential to maintain the false idea of progress, that what comes next is better and worth enduring for. Peoples minds are preoccupied with their own pleasures and other pursuits while others are being murdered, slaughtered, women raped, innocent babies and children butchered with axes and knives, innocent by-standers in robberies and muggings killed, the aged battered to death by adolescents, thousands dying of drug abuse, thousands of innocent lives destroyed by the consumption of alcohol, drunkards beating their women and children... the list is endless. The entertainment industry is one of the effective tools in the 'normalization of the thought process', the 'desensitization of the humanistic concern', and the intensification of the 'my pleasure and gratification is what is most important' syndrome. 

May 24, 2014

Pakistan Perceptions vs. Reality ( In The World)

Have you ever tried searching Google for images of Pakistan? You’ll be hard-pressed to find any pictures that depict the progressive and modern aspects of our country. Try typing ‘Pakistan progress’, ‘Pakistan modern’ or ‘Pakistan cafes’ in the search bar, and chances are there will be no results. But if you just type in the word Pakistan, you’ll be flooded by a collection of frightening pictures (excluding some seductive shots of ‘Miss Pakistan’): kids holding guns, bomb blasts and violence will inundate your computer screen.
When will the world see Pakistan from all angles – the good, the bad and everything else in between?
Two recent encounters suggest that the only way we can get people to expand their vision of Pakistan is by experiencing it firsthand…
I’m at Rumors, the underground club of the Marriott hotel in Islamabad. The walls are quilted, the lights are dim and the music is getting louder as some foreign journalists try to unwind.
I’m talking to a British journalist I've never met before who explains that he’s permanently stationed in Afghanistan.
‘How do you like being in Islamabad, then?’ I ask him.
He has a thoughtful expression on his face and is suddenly overcome by the urge to reveal a thought: ‘You know… Pakistan really isn’t marketed properly. This place is really nice. It’s clean, you’ve got café’s and places to relax, you can walk on the streets with ease,’ he points out. ‘But people out there don’t know that,’ he adds, metaphorically pointing behind him.
‘Yes, that’s true. People think Pakistan is full of bearded men who run around brandishing swords,’ I respond a little emotionally.
‘Yeah,’ he muses. ‘I’d like to be back – the people are so damn nice here.’
Another time, another place:
I’m sitting in an empty restaurant interviewing Ethan Casey, author of ‘Alive and Well in Pakistan: A Human Journey in a Dangerous Time’. It’s almost like a two-way interview since he’s recording our interview and is prone to digressing. Casey has traveled to both India and Pakistan several times and compares the two as follows:
Coming across the border was a kind of of relief: India’s a pretty intense place. [When I arrived here] it was in the back of my mind that people in India were saying be careful [in Pakistan]. And yes, I would say I do think twice before I walk on the streets. But people [here] have been helpful.
When we crossed the Wagah border, I was waiting for one of my old students to come collect me, but I couldn’t see him there. These couple of guys inside a [nearby] shop said, ‘What do you need?’ Then, this old timer with a turban said, ‘Oh, you use my phone.’
This is a difference between India and Pakistan. My first reaction was to say, ‘how much does this cost?’ But he asked, ‘what number do you want to call?’ And I asked again, ‘how much does it cost?’ Then he [got] really annoyed and repeated, ‘what number do you want to call?’ He was so insulted when I asked about money! Afterwards, I asked if I could give him anything. ‘No, no, no, you are our guest,’ he said. I’ve experienced so much of that in Pakistan for 15 years – and that’s a big reason why I keep coming back.’

BY Nosheen Abbas

Jan 12, 2014

Taliban Show Acted By International Players Against Sovereignty Of Pakistan

Pakistan is facing law in order which is a thread in become big problem from manyear most of them causes are existence of militant paid groups in country where major enemy is Taliban. Taliban main agenda is to create Panic in the Country, which is already they have achieved. Soundless War initiated by enemy of Pakistan i.e., India, American, Israel, British and Saudi Arabia Etc. These countries are involved in training of militant forces mainly funded & supported through their agents or troops are working on their secret mission, CIA & RAW is major participant who continuously involved. Our law enforcement agency are mainly targeted the reason is simple no any country can strike on Pakistan directly that is why proxies war is created to make country weak internally and make them confused states where politician are big gambler whose only aim is to secure themselves and hide the truth from public, other factor media who are supposed to liable institution and act accordingly the regulation, currently our media is convey of wrong in to right information and occasionally conceal true stories. Pakistani Media involved in immoral, unethical practices, imposing enemy or rival culture in the mind of Pakistani people by their scripted programs, vulgarity is exaggerated, adopting other country vulgarity and culture content (Films, Dramas, Stage shows, Dancing & singing programs) such as Indian and Turkish sensor less.  Mainly media is doing culture war where is aiming to destroy values, beliefs, tradition of Pakistani public. General perception is now made in most of the public is that to make mental y ill and target young generation weak mind, request here don’t believe what news, programs and talk shows are coming in channels.

Prohibited militant groups target law enforcement agencies ( Police, Frontier forces and Army) its main high ranked officers, few days later
SSP CID Choadry Aslam was Shaheed by these banned militant group ( Taliban ) and not only he was victimized but several others were killed by these militant banned Group. Their premium goal is to create Civil war in the country and disturbing the Urban Cities of Pakistan by targeted senior brave soldiers and policeman to demoralize their job and passion. As an emergency Army forces may take serious step to step in the cities and fight against these Militant groups then actual War assume to be started and extra pressure or concerns will be raise by international country such America and NATO or international organization. They have a solid reason to attack on Pakistan and probably WW3 will come into exist and capture the resources of Pakistan because Pakistan is rich country in Natural and minerals resources. WW3 cause is basically doing to get resources on terms like in Iraq war, Afghanistan war, Vietnam War etc. This is global agenda of Jew and their secret societies.

Sep 6, 2013

6 September Defence Day Of Pakistan

<<<We are Ready & Alert >>> 

Hats Off  to Martyrs Soldiers of 1965 War, who fought hard and serve the country well. In 1965 War India got serious damages,injuries and defeat obviously badly... If any Country has negative aims or bad intention & plan against Pakistan they will be destroyed bluntly by Forces of Pakistan with support of patriotic public of Pakistan because we are one under one Flag....

Pakistan Zindabaad ... ( Long Live Pakistan )

Aug 14, 2013

14th August Independence Day Of Pakistan

Quaid-e-Azam To Nation

“ Pakistan not only means freedom and independence, but also the Muslim Ideology that has to be preserved that has come to us as a precious gift and treasure.” Quaid-e-Azam, Chittagong, March,1948.

May 3, 2013

Pakistan Top 100 Problems

Here's my list of Pakistan's top 100 problems that are listed at random and in no particular order and I listed them as they came to my mind. The purpose is not to demoralize people but to honestly list our problems so that we can solve them. This is like a brain storming session. 

1) Taliban funded and supplied weapons by Pakistan's enemies
2) PPP let by Pakistan's most notorious gangster and his disco-dancing son who's the Life Chairmane
3) PML (Nawaz) led by Nawaz Sharif a large scale embezzler and corrupt billionare
4) ANP and their pro India ideology
5) MQM led by Altaf Hussain
6) Armed and violent gangs in Karachi, including Lyari and Sohrab Goth
7) Lack of education
8) Lack of science and technology
9) Lack of justice
10) Corrupt lawyers and judges
11) Corrupt and inefficient police 
12) Corrupt bureaucracy 
13) Lack of clean drinking water for the majority of the population
14) Lack of sanitation (no toilets)
15) Lack of food for poor people
16) Lack of jobs
17) One of the highest murder rates in the world, one of the lowest rate of catching the murderers
18) Ethnic hatred
19) Sectarian hatred
20) Surrounded by the worst enemies of Islam - America, Israel, Britain & India
21) A low intensity war being waged by the enemies against Pakistan
22) Lack of investment
23) An elite class that is  pro-Western and totally alienated from Pakistani society, culture and values
24) Lack of unity or support from other Islamic countries
25) No consensus on a common language and the colonial English is the official language of Pakistan
26) Refusal to switch to Urdu for government, business, education, science and technology. Still using an alien language
27) Liberation movement in Baluchistan supported by America
28) A ruling class that is on the payroll of our enemy
29) Traitors all over the place who are getting paid by the CIA. Journalists, lawyers, NGOs etc
30) A vicious campaign in the international media depicting Pakistan as a failed state
31) A feudal class that treats their people as slaves
32) A military officer class that refuses to accept that America is the enemy
33) A big chunk of Pakistani territory (Kashmir) occupied by India
34) Pakistan's water being strangulated by India with illegal dams
35) Lack of electricity
36) Inability to develop consensus on building dams
37) Large provinces that cannot be controlled by the federal government
38) Large areas of the country that are not technically part of Pakistan - Kashmir, FATA, Northern Areas
39) Large areas of the country where the writ of the state does not apply 
40) People's refusal to accept or follow laws - e.g. hardly anyone follows any law if they can get away with it
41) Traffic chaos
42) Tax evasion - 90%+ of the people don't pay any taxes
43) Very high tax rate for those who do pay taxes
44) The mullahs teach a narrow minded version of Islam that is responsible for destroying Muslim societies
45) Ignorant forms of Islam where people pray to dead pirs
46) Fake pirs etc who give out tavees, etc and exorcise jinns for a fees
47) Mullahs grabbing land illegally to build mosques
48) The tendency for people to vote for corrupt, failed, treacherous politicians
49) Land grabbing in the cities
50) Spread of illegal weapons throughout the country, especially the major cities
51) Availability of heavy weaponry to criminals
52) Stupid people firing in the air and killing dozens of people every year
53) Spread of drugs imported from American-occupied Afghanistan
54) Abuse of women in the society
55) Draconian restrictions placed on women
56) Lack of jobs for women forced to work
57) Existence of brothels all over the country
58) Abuse of runaway children in the cities by pedophiles
59) False flag attacks on other countries by enemy intelligence agencies that are blamed on Pakistan (Mumbai, London etc)
60) Maps published by American military showing their intention of breaking up Pakistan
61) Lack of trust of Pakistanis among Muslims in other countries
62) Lack of building codes because of which hundreds of thousands die whenever there's an earthquake
63) Shoddy built quality of most construction
64) Awful built quality of roads, bridges and other infrastructure that collapses the first time it rains
65) Marriage between cousins that causes genetic problems in children
66) Refusal of international tourists to come to Pakistan
67) Refusal of international companies to import from Pakistan
68) High interest rates that discourage investment
69) Low forex reserves
70) Low tax collection by government 
71) Lack of quality standards in all walks of life leading to low quality products
72) Lack of garbage collection in most parts of the country, especially large cities
73) Lack of sewerage treatment and dumping untreated waste into rivers and the sea
74) Lack of reading books by the people - few books are sold in the country
75) Spread of Indian culture via film and television
76) Spread of Western culture via film and television
77) Rising divorce rate
78) Lack of health care
79) Lack of hospitals, clinics, doctors etc, especially in rural areas
80) Mixing of junk into food products by unscrupulous people
81) Failure to get rid of preventable diseases caused by garbage and filth, like malaria, typhoid etc
82) A very high rate of infant mortality
83) Western and Indian pornography being sold by video shops
84) Illegal sale and consumption of alcohol
85) A uncontrolled system of madrassas where children are taught an 800 year old syllabus
86) A British based education system that is only for the elite 
87) Suicide bombers being produced on a large scale to attack and kill Pakistanis and Muslims
88) A military officer class that holds allegiance to British traditions
89) A hate for ones own culture and religion among the ruling class
90) The majority of the ruling class holding its assets in foreign banks
91) Capital flight  - everyone who can sending their money abroad does so
92) Lack of trust in Allah and the teachings of the Quran
93) Bad pollution in cities
94) Lack of forest cover and uncontrolled cutting of trees
95) Population explosion
96) Apathy among the people because of which they tolerate all the problems
97) Brain Drain - Running away of the cream of the country to foreign countries
98) Out of control media that follows no rules
99) Easy ability of foreign enemies to spread anarchy in Pakistan
100) Fat actresses

While we can truthfully say that most countries have problems a lot of these I have listed here have been solved a long time ago and do not occur in successful, well managed countries. For example, while a country like Canada may have it's own unique problems it does not have the vast bulk of the 100 problems listed here.

The solution to the problems is very doable given the will.

I would like you people to point out more problems and we'll keep updating the list so that is has the top 100 issues. In last the election is knocking at the door of Pakistan on 11 May 2013 the question is who is going to win and that party can solve theses above 100 problems.... Vote Wisely this time..!!!

Jan 18, 2013

Woman World Cup 2013 Pakistan Woman's Team Has Thread

A mid simmering tension on the Indo-Pak border, the Pakistan women cricket team's participation in the upcoming World Cup at Mumbai continued to remain uncertain with security concerns and possible political protests prompting the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) to suggest alternative venues.

The BCCI has already apprised the International Cricket Council (ICC) of the situation prevailing in India following the killing of two Indian soldiers by the Pakistani Army and the game's governing body is expected to take a final decision soon.

With Mumbai Cricket Association making it clear that it would be difficult to host the matches involving Pakistani team in the city, the ICC may have to announce a new venue for the matches.

A day after all the nine Pakistani hockey players, taking part in the Hockey India League, were asked to return home, the fate of Pakistan's women cricket team continued to remain under a cloud with Mumbai and Ahmedabad refusing to host the matches.

Fearing that the matches could be disrupted, Pakistan Cricket Board Chairman Zaka Ashraf had suggested to the ICC that the entire World Cup tournament should be shifted to South Africa.

"Women's World Cup is an ICC event and if the security is not good enough in India then the world governing body should consider shifting it to a neutral venue like South Africa or somewhere," he said.

"I would want to leave it ICC to decide. The entire tournament has to go to a neutral venue and a few matches cannot be shifted to another country and rest play somewhere.

If it happens in India then there should be proper security arrangement, otherwise it could be shifted to another venue," Ashraf said.

The MCA and local police authorities here suggested to the ICC that it would be better if matches involvingPakistan in the Women's Cricket World Cup are shifted out of the city.

According to MCA sources, this was done at a meeting held in the association's premises today involving an ICC representative, tournament director Suru Nayak, who is employed with the BCCI, a few top police officials and some MCA office bearers.

"It was told (to ICC representative) that adequate security could be provided to the women cricketers. But the public feeling on the issue was also conveyed and it was mentioned in the current scenario that it would be difficult to stop political parties (from protesting against Pakistan women's team) if the matches are held here," an MCA official told PTI.

"Nayak said that the ICC would be apprised of what took part in the meeting and they would take a call on the matter within 24 hours," he added.

Another MCA official said that there is specific threat of disruption of the matches from the Shiv Sena.

Yesterday the matter was discussed at the Board's all-powerful Working Committee meeting here and it was decided to convey to the ICC the situation prevailing in the country.

BCCI President N Srinivasan said the issue was now for the ICC to decide.

"We have informed the ICC about it. They will have to examine and take a view," he said after the meeting.

The Gujarat Cricket Association also refused to host the matches after it was approached by the BCCI.

"The BCCI had approached us asking whether Ahmedabad would be in a position to host the ICC Women's World Cup 2013.

But we have refused to host the matches here following rising tension at the border," GCA secretary Rajesh Patel told PTI.

"Whether to go ahead with the matches at the same venue or shift it to an alternate place will now be decided by the International Cricket Council and the Board of Control for Cricket in India," he added.

The BCCI had approached GCA with a "verbal" proposal whether it could host the Women's World Cup in Ahmedabad.

The eight-team Women's World Cup is scheduled to be held in Mumbai between January 31 and February 17 but there are concerns that there might be protests, leading to trouble.

The Wankhede Stadium, Cricket Club of India's Brabourne Stadium, the Mumbai Cricket Association's (MCA) Bandra-Kurla Complex ground and the MIG Club in Bandra are the venues for the Women's World Cup matches.

As per the schedule, Pakistan team is set to arrive in Mumbai on January 26 and will play their league games at the MCA ground.

Oct 22, 2012

Yash Chopra Over Baba Meher Uddin Death On Media Channels

لاهور واهگہ بارڈر پر روزانہ پاکستانی پرچم لهرانے والا محب وطن بابا مہر دین انتقال کر گیا اپنی 
ساری زندگی پاکستان کے پرچم کے لئے وقف کی تھی لکن پاکستانی میڈیا کے لئے اس عظیم شخصیت کی کوئی اہمیت نہیں کیونکہ آج پاکستانی میڈیا کے ناجایز والد یش چوپڑا مر گئے اب ہماری میڈیا ایک ہفتے تک اپنے ناجایز والد کے موت کا ماتم منائیگی.

Mar 9, 2012

Rahul Dravid Announced Retirement From International Cricket

Master Blaster Cricketer Rahul Dravid Announced His Retirement...!!!

Rahul Dravid announces his retirement from International Cricket. A True Gentleman retires from Gentleman's game. Dravid scored 10,889 ODI runs ( Avg 39.16) and 13,288 test runs (Avg 52.31). He scored 12 centuries in ODIs and 36 in Test Cricket.

The Wall Retires! 


Veteran Indian batsman Rahul Dravid announced his retirement from international cricket on Friday, ending a distinguished 16-year career.

"It is time to move on and let a new generation of players make their own history," Dravid, 39, told reporters at a crowded news conference in Bangalore.

The stylish batsman was the number two run-getter in Test cricket behind compatriot Sachin Tendulkar with 13,288 runs from 164 matches at an average of 52.31 with 36 centuries.